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Spiders v. Bunnies: Rites of the Un-Bourne

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Show a conservative a photo of a spider crawling upon a scared person’s face, or of a bloodied face, or of a maggot-infested bloody wound and he/she is aroused to fearful, anxious concern: the skin moisture increases. Imagine that! And the liberal? Less moist skin, giving a lower measurement, by scientists, of the liberal’s fearfulness. Or unsettled inclination.

The ‘science’ in SCIENCE magazine is all the rage in all the usual suspects of journals-of-record on the left. In a very small sample, researchers seeking a biological, AKA genetic, basis for political leaning have hinted that conservatives are more aroused by visual danger, more easily startled by sudden sounds, for their eyes blink more upon hearing such auditory stimuli thru laboratory earphones.

This rush to judgment, triggered by very preliminary research findings, is not new. Continue reading

Flying Romeo, The Movie: Before OTO, Was Al Smith

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Navy ships fly the ‘Romeo’ flag high upon their masts while engaging in replenishment operations: transferring fuel and supplies across a vast canyon of surging water as two ships maintain parallel courses in the vast open ocean. Too close and they are drawn into collision by the Bernoulli effect, the same force that gives an airplane wing its lift and a killer-tornado its power. Too far apart and the connecting cables are snapped, the precious fuel and food and other commodities lost to Davey Jones’ Locker. Romeo is phonetic for the letter ‘R’ and the Romeo pennant-flag is a distinct blood-red, waving its loud warning to other ships to ‘stay clear’ of replenishment ops, as each navy craft is flying Romeo.

The blood-feud cycle of the DNC is coming again into the news, likely and plausibly and hopefully to be realized on election day, that OTO will lose – Obama The One, that is, who’s the first major-party nominee of African descent. His adherents – both on this side of the Atlantic and across the pond – believe, indeed BELIEVE, he is destiny’s child. How, possibly how, could he be denied his due, to do justice for slavery, et al? Continue reading

Tsar & Star Meet the Bar? Wait For Ides of November

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Time to shut up and support the fight to save America – a memo to David Brooks, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, David Frum and Ross Douthat and the lengthening list of conservatives, and faux conservatives [Brooks, Gergen, et al], who are arming the left with ‘analysis’ that challenges Palin, and Mac’s decision to make her his VP.

When cometh the Ides of November, the ‘analysis’ and doubting concerns can sprout like daisies, or daffodils, or Venus flytraps. Until then, our Tsar has chosen a Star as his political mate. That’s the end of it, for now, until election day.


That coming from an ardent critic of Mac for some years. My concerns were expressed, quite undiplomatically, to a major GOP campaign meister, over eighteen months ago, on his query of my opinion on his considering working for Mac. He went instead with Rudy, then on to bigger GOP duties, and continues as a major meister of conservative work, doing so since college, long before my switchover to the right. Continue reading

Mrs. Palin Goes To Washington: Fighting Forged Papers

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

The senior senator accuses is own state’s young Jefferson Smith in Frank Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” with traitorous words drawn from a massive scheme of institutionalized establishmentarians of the local Taylor political machine, constructed with rage and directed to crush the young upstart:

Senator Joseph Paine: I wish to ask my distinguished colleague, has he one scrap of evidence to add now to the defense he did not give and could not give at that same hearing?

Jefferson Smith: I have no defense against forged papers!

And who does? Continue reading

Beat by a Girl: From Seaborn to Biden

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

“Sam’s getting beat by a girl” proclaimed Josh Lyman in the opening of “West Wing” second season’s premiere episode, introducing Aaron Sorkin’s interpretation of a ‘compassionate conservative’ – or as TV Guide described her, “Right-wing lawyer Ainsley Hayes joins the staff.”

Stealing from two conservative ‘advising producers’ made this a mixed gesture for conservatives. Sorkin genuinely believed he was genuinely being fair-and-balanced, Continue reading

Try To Remember, Their Kind of September: 44 Years of ‘Daisy’ Petals

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Daisy Sunday this weekend, September 7th: conservatives’ Pearl Harbor Day, notable for dems’ revelation then – as so many times before but less dramatically – that they are the masters of trash-mouth politics and ethically-challenged ethnic challenges to traditions with any and every tactic known in the political playbook. Dirty pool, dirty politics – the democrats’ and liberals’ game plan since at least January 1929, and emblematically emblazoned on the nation’s primetime TV screens on September 7, 1964. Continue reading

Naughty Bit Player: Maggie Heather Ainsley Murphy Jeanne Glenn Cojones Barracuda Palin

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

She’s got that naughty librarian vibe going, according to Craig Ferguson and Mark Steyn, clearly showing good judgment at their attraction to Alaska Republican Babe Governor Sarah “Barracuda” Palin in a June broadcast, when Palin dubbed Ferguson an honorary citizen. Hotties with cojones are coming into the spotlight in Republican politics – first in talk-radio and cable TV [Ann Coulter, Margaret Hoover, Kate Obenshain, Laura Ingraham, et al], now in the political arena itself.

A sucker myself for a babe with brains [BWB], an improvement over a gun-packing Alaskan gal pal’s moniker of WWB [Woman with Brains], Palin reminds me of several screenplay characters of my own creation. Continue reading

GOP: “Oklahoma” to Minnesota’s Hotel Whiskey: Their End is Nigh

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

“Oklahoma” became Oklahoma’s official state song in 1953 thanks to some quick-thinking Hollywood showbiz showcasing by a future Lt. Governor and Governor. Opposition was considerable in the face of young George Nigh’s resolution, with ticket sales still booming at the Broadway playbill of the world-famous “Oklahoma” – which introduced the American ‘musical’ genre to stage plays. Nigh found his proposal foundering as an oldster ridiculed lyrics in the proposed new official song, tearfully citing lyrics from the existing official song, eagerly ridiculing the rather ‘strange’ words and terms of the proposed replacement, while prancing around the floor of the House of Representatives to nodding heads of most members.

Thanks to his nimble parliamentary perceptions, and the oldsters’ lack of it, Nigh got the resolution postponed, avoiding a certain-death final vote on that particular day. Then, Nigh Went Hollywood – or Broadway to be more exact. Continue reading