Daily Archives: November 26, 2008

BOTO’s X-Factor: Liberals Are So-o-o Confused

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

David Corn is positively baffled, at Barack Obama The One [BOTO] choosing Hillary for Secretary of State. He’s not alone – the litany of confusion is growing like kudzu among the lefties. Conservatives need not tamper with this metastasizing doubt among BOTO’s legions. Just let the kudzu grow and clutter their once clear view of what all Must Be Done By BOTO.

What did they think they were getting? The No-Drama-Obama mystery man was seen by Us – conservatives – as a mystic, a mystery, and menace, for his Rorschach test mysticism. The X-Factor of the X-Man on the donkey ballot was pooh-poohed by the media – until a few days after the ballots were counted, when Charlie Rose examined the unknown man we’d put into the Oval Office. A lot of ballots were filled in with pencil marks inside ovals, beside BOTO’s X-Man mystery persona. Continue reading