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Watching TVA: What Will The MSM Do?

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Such a lovely gift on Christmas Eve, as the most shining trophy of FDR’s confiscatory governmental scheming dumped millions of tons of industrial sludge upon its downstream neighbors. A coal plant for the Tennessee Valley Authority – TVA – kept years’ worth of accumulating grime and slime in a holding pond, which roared downsteam upon folks and fish when the faulty dam gave way. A mini Johnstown Flood. Only there is a difference, or two actually: no one was killed in this catastrophe, and the guilty organization is not corporate, but gummint.

You know what gummint is – a mispronunciation of ‘government’ by its detractors. Not that government is a target for full destruction, by conservatives, but government most certainly has gotten too big for its britches, and for tolerable taxation levels. TVA is a remnant of gummint under FDR, the man who put Japanese-American citizens in concentration camps, put Supreme Court justices on notice lest they oppose his schemes, and pushed aside all private electric utility development in the South via TVA policies as a monopoly via gummint. Continue reading

Artful Dodging: Ars Gratis Artis – NOT!

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Colorful is the artful rant in Modern Conservative, by Jeani DiCarlo and Yervand Kochar, entitled “End the Leftist Establishment’s Use of Movies and Art for Propaganda” – a lovely collection of pointless thoughts, mindful of the very Marxist blather which all conservative thinkers find entertaining, risible and even charming, if not entirely without danger. DiCarlo and Kochar miss the point, like liberals miss the point of the Second Amendment, when lefty minds insist we can all be kissy-huggy if only guns were outlawed.

One of the stupidest cinematic declarations is the coda preachment by Klaatu to adoring, compliant peacenik Earthlings, wrapping “The Day The Earth Stood Still” with a declaration of surrender to a leviathan brigade of all-powerful robots, whose duty is the absolute power for their human creators. Nowhere is the question asked, much less answered: Who built those robots? Which government contractor on Klaatu’s world made a creature of impenetrable metal which can work with its robotic siblings to keep mankind from expressing its id? A better cinematic thought is in the Shakespearean texture of “Forbidden Planet” – sci-fi with some thought, inspired by “The Tempest” and more to the point, with the super-smart Krell building such a powerful machine that was their undoing. Continue reading

Bring Back Jack: Sweet, Juicy Justice

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Ahh, so the Junior Senator from Cook County – or, the former Junior Senator from Chicago’s generations’ old corrupt political machine has vacated his ill-gotten gain, only to find the Cook County Corruptors are being corrupt!

Aren’t you Shocked, Shocked, that there’s corruption going on in Illinois! Dear, sweet, perfect Barack Hussein Obama slipped into the U.S. Senate much like he weaseled his way into the state senate of Illinois: scheming electoral manipulation in the primary, and then a few years later ‘upgraded’ in the general, through pre-November shenanigans. First, he clobbered his state-office challengers with legal maneuvers that would make LBJ blush and Richard Daley [The First] flinch. Next, a judge in Los Angeles forced open the divorce records of his later GOP challenger for the national senate seat, tanking the republicans’ Perfect Candidate in time for Obama The One [OTO], or OTO-of-the-future, to waltz over last-minute GOP nominee Alan Keyes. Continue reading

G.O.P.: Get Thee To A University Pt. 2 – Get Thee A Reading List

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Students of the New Conservative University, née Frum University, prepare your Christmas shopping list for giving to your conservative friends, and ‘persuadable’ moderate friends, who are open to learning anew, what is long-established doctrine. Our Mission: SAVE AMERICA.

The data are there, the thoughts are written, the promising prospects for conservatism are very well documented of late – see American Thinker article by Michael G. Franc, “Conservative Nation”; he’s VP of the Heritage Foundation. We must begin anew, and study the old verities. The syllabus for your college of conservatism is being formed, and its most useful entries are noted below, as a prospective shopping list to give to friends this Christmas. Continue reading