Daily Archives: January 21, 2009

If I Were A Rich Donor: Mother’s Milk For ModCons

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Money is the mother’s milk of politics, proclaimed an infamous democrat speaker of the California legislature [to be unnamed: no promotion of lefties in this space]. Of course, you need a healthy calf to slurp that milk and thereby mature into a productive bull or heifer. And we have ‘em aplenty – feisty, fiery, fabulous spokesmen and women galore, ready with experience and judgment and the skills, to ‘Sully’ forth and advance a Modern Conservative Renaissance.

Renaissance Men and Women, by the bucketload. Who can utilize some mother’s milk to grow their message to the eager, thirsty public. Continue reading


Too Many Tevyes: If The World Were A Rich Man

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Ban that third staircase! Pass a law, quickly….

There are too many Tevyes in the world – and more are en route, so it is vital, absolutely VITAL, that the regulators Ban Tevye’s Dream. At the lead of this pack of wolves of regulatory incursion into Tevye’s Dream is Der Terminator himself, California’s Governator Benedict Arnold.

Ya like those plasma TV screens? Better fasten your seatbelts, Tevye – Der Governators are about to ban ‘em unless they meet energy mandates, set by burrocrats. You know the burrocrats: slow-moving, stubborn, self-centered little weasly beasts that refuse to adapt and adopt with the rest of reasonable society.

What wisdom is there in film? Consider economic wisdom in “Fiddler on the Roof” with its examination of a simple man with simple hopes dashed on the rocks of political and social turbulence. He can’t even get his daughters to abide by ‘tradition’ in choosing husbands. And he appeals to God, asking why he can’t be a rich man. Today, he’d have to appeal to the burrocrats and regulators and governators who would wag their shaming index finger – or middle finger – at his desire to express his wealth in a third staircase. Continue reading