We Need a Two BALL Solution: GazaCity 2.5 Needs Zakat

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

“Hillary Clinton may be the last real man left in the democrat party” noted retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters in August of 2007. Unfortunately, substitute host Michelle Malkin wasn’t listening – checking her notecard for her next query – and it slipped past her, and the world. Subbing for O’Reilly, Malkin performed remarkably like many of the conservatives in the upper ranks – failure to communicate, even if the good thought being communicated wasn’t her personal creation.

Now, that last real man is secretary of state, and there is rising chori of calls for a two-state solution to the Gaza Strip violence. It grows out of decades of weeniedom among our liberal chums here and in Europe. What we really need is a TWO BALL solution, and Hillary has ‘em aplenty. Maybe she’s got ‘em for Obama also; she is after all the ‘smartest woman in America’ working for the smartest man in America. So, maybe she will ‘get it’ and apply what surely is part of her knowledge bank about Arab and Islamic political history.

The most miserable 146 square miles in the world may be the festering pustule that is the Gaza Strip, where so-called ‘Palestinians’ simmer and sauté in rage and resentment at Israel. As victims of the initial ’48 war – victims of their Arab ‘brethren’ call them out of their homes to make the nascent Jewish state a free-fire-zone – they Gazans are three generations of poor water, worse housing, an zero jobs generated within its borders.

And among all this are the Arab brethren in oil-saturated nations failing totally in their Muslim mandate to pay the zakat on behalf of victims of war and sufferers of ill fate. The zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam: a tax for charitable purposes, serving as formal alms for orphans, widows, war veterans with serious wounds, beggars and the rest of life’s offal and tempest-tossed.

Whereas the Oval Office seems to be a balls-free zone, perhaps the last real man in the democrat party can confront the oil-rich Arab states, and put pressure on them to commit to the zakat’s typical 21⁄2% tax, assessed on all oil production, directing it to Gaza. As Dubai and other outposts of luxury make the news, it’s worth noting that the luxuriating brethren ain’t giving any alms to their suffering war victim fellows in Gaza.

There ain’t such thing as a two-state solution: Gaza and the West Bank and all ‘Palestinians’ comprise no state, nor does Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and the other sleazy excuses for peoples’ advocates. Let them instead act toward their brethren, and demand that Gaza become the latest oil-fueled paradise, an oasis in the midst of the desert.

Put billions into Gaza, Arabic chums in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, et al. Build homes, gardens, greenhouses, hotels, casinos, water purification plants – play a real-life version of SimCity, the computer simulation game that teaches the steps to building a modern city. The newest version is due for release, version 3. But let the world watch, in time-lapse news photos, over the months when the zakat is spent in Gaza, as SimCity 2.5 is played out.

Highrise apartments, shopping centers, garbage processing centers, playgrounds, schools, and the other perturbations of real, mature, serious, concerned provisions for the poor suffering Arab brothers in Gaza. Re-direct that 2 1⁄2 percent to make SimCity 2.5 be a reality.

Or, more accurately, make this true, generous, religious act a real game, named Gaza 2.5. Put your money where your Arab-Muslim mouths are. Pony up the zakat for Gaza, instead of palaces in Saudi Arabia and other outposts of Arab ‘compassion’ and concern. Expand on the billion bucks recently ‘offered’ by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, accompanied by the claim, “One drop of Palestinian (sic) blood is more valuable than the treasures of the world.” Okay, make that one billion per square mile, per month, as the Saudi royal zakat and then you may be talking serious improvement of Gazans’ economic conditions.

Be real men, with real balls, and real Islamic faith: direct the zakat to Gaza, start the process of GazaCity 2.5, and accept suggestions from worldwide SimCity players for their input on the next GazaCity expansion. There may be Muslim teens and tweens with the joyous recommendations on what next to build, with the next ten billion or twenty billion or fifty billion of oil revenues per month. Bring them all into the fray, and put your money where the GazaCity ‘Palestinian’ computer whiz kids suggest there be the latest demonstration of real Muslim compassion.

But wait: that can’t be. For if the Gazans aren’t suffering, are instead employed and fed and housed and clothed and self-sufficient in so many aspects of living now available only from the hated Jews, then the HATE WILL STOP. Those treasures will not continue to boil in hate and rage.

And the Arab ‘brethren’ can’t have that, can they?

Howz about it, Hillary: got the balls to demand the zakat get real, and regular, and reliable? You may be the only real man left in the democrat party. Propose – no, DEMAND – the Arab zakat be directed to defuse the hate in Gaza. Maybe your lefty billionaire buddy Soros can fund the design of a real-life computer-drive “GazaCity 2.5” as a way to prime the intellectual pump for this concept. Build a website and conduct a contest for the best and brightest Arabic alpha-geek computer design of the future of GazaCity 2.5 that will defuse the hate.

And maybe even Israeli student geeks can get in the act. Once Gazans have an investment in actual property values, they might not be so eager to allow rocket launch pads to be constructed. A little less misery, a little more joy, from the Prophet’s mandate for the zakat to proffered to the most suffering of Muslims.

Unless, of course, the new State Department continues to fulfill its long-established, traditional role as a balls-free zone. Grow a pair, Hillary – or two pair. Call Abdullah and raise him a pair. Demand billions per month, twelve months per year. Show the Muslims how the Prophet would have cared for his umma – the religious community of Muslims.

Imagine – Gaza as a hate-free zone. With shining buildings and gleaming children filled with education and skills, returning from school to homes of employed parents working in GazaCity 2.5 economic opulence.

A mere 2.5 percent to make GazaCity version 2.5. How do you get this two-balled solution to Gaza misery, good King Abdullah? The old fashioned way – you EARN it. Put your money every month where their starving mouths are.

copyright 2009 Steve Finefrock

Finefrock is founder of Hollywood Forum, a speaker-bureau and panel-discussion vehicle to “Bring the Potomac to the Palisades” on issues that overlap politics and culture with the Hollywood film-TV influence on such national concerns. His scripts have addressed politics [including a TV series pilot/bible package about state political combat, called “A State of the Union”], hazardous materials [from twelve years in emergency management, including six years managing FEMA’s Superfund curriculum for hazmat], terrorism, equestrian reincarnation, serial murderer killing journalists in the nation’s capitol, and fantasy about time-wasters. Finefrock is proprietor of PhoneBooth: The Smallest Space in Hollywood…


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