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Buckley v. Valeo, & Burris v. U.S. Senate

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Better than a century of campaign finance reform [CFR] legislation has floated on the dubious detritus of judicial jacobins’ ‘logic’ that infringing on the First Amendment can be allowed in order to prevent the mere “appearance of corruption” of the electoral process. While the jacobins keep the First Amendment strict and pure and untainted in almost every other realm – even pornographers and seditionists are protected more severely than are political pamphleteers – this same reasoning escapes the reasoning of the folks slamming the secretary of state of Illinois.

A so-called minor signature is the center-ring of the controversy surrounding Illinois’ prospective “junior senator” of 72 years age, Roland Burris, seeking to become the lone black senator in our national capitol. So many disregard the legal tradition of a state’s secretary of state signing such a critical document for the Senate to consider it a valid submission: that is equivalent of a notary public vouching for the validity of signatures and other aspects of a legally enforceable document. Continue reading


Do The Breit Thing: Big Hollywood – Overdue?

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Hundreds of ‘big name’ political and cultural writers are flowing to Andrew Breitbart’s BIG HOLLYWOOD blogsite, with Roger Simon blurbing BH on PajamasMedia [where he’s CEO, as well as a commentator/writer on The Politico] and earlier flakking on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Howie Kurtz, followed by a headline in the Washington Times. To Kurtz, Breit-eyes said the new site would be “about helping to rebrand the conservative/libertarian and center right movements. And what we’re going to do at first is to start getting the establishment conservative culture to be paying attention to culture.”

Indeed. Continue reading

Connor’s Cry for Israel: Desperately Seeking Kilometer 101

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Tears flowed that evening as TV’s Cronkite nudged Israel and Egypt on a promising pathway to peace. And, it actually came to pass – one lunatic nation got a bit of sanity, and an eventual withdrawal began after the 1977 Camp David accords, returning the Sinai to Arab control, rendering Israel’s western borders significantly safer. A bit at a time, of course. Trust and verify, step by agonizing step.

My tears were salty and naïve – it seemed certain, that so much would now be possible. Such historic events can fool the foolish and wise alike. Time can make a naïve poli-sci student wiser, and even experienced, educated minds can fall prey to wishful thinking. Almost two decades later, Dennis Prager had hope for and belief in the Oslo Accords. By end of Clinton’s rain of adoring accomodationist policies toward Yasir Arafat’s thugocracy, Dennis had finally ‘gotten’ it – but so many others have not, even yet. And still yet some more. Continue reading

Welcome to the Ghazu Strip: Gross Behavior [PBUH]!

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

To the winner goes the spoils, and now the spoilage of the Gaza Strip brings international ‘humanitarian aid’ advocacy to this place not far from Al Aqsa. How did this begin? Why can’t they just all get along? Is there a Kumbaya Chorus at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem?

Two years after the death of the Prophet [PBUH] began the reign of Umar, the second of the Rightly-guided Caliphs. Armies were swarming northward, under Umar’s shrewd scrutiny. When the Holy Land was conquered – yes, children, it was CONQUERED – a ceremony was scheduled to formally turn over the keys to Umar, by the city’s leaders. Continue reading

Kommissar Krauthammer: Oscar Wilde’s Cousin!


by Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

There was some niggling awareness as the election season concluded, in discussion with several political mutts on the right, of a key commentator disappointing me in early summer with an unfamiliar op-ed position, one which just didn’t “fit” with his normal free-market, freedom-rich enunciations. Then a new assertion jumped up this week, and I was reminded how tempting it is to play social engineer. It’s not easy being a conservative, amidst so much engineering energy around all those in the capitol.

Once I was similarly tempted, offering a scheme to a major GOPster, to adjust military retirement benefits to encourage retired drill instructors to join elementary school faculty. Bring the MSGT to the elementary grades, with Pentagon add-on dollars for those who joined those staffs who sorely needed – in such a desperate way – to have a ‘male role model’ for so many wayward inner city children with no such persona in their home or neighborhood. I’d succumbed to the political corollary to an old chestnut by that Irish wit and social rascal, Oscar Wilde: Continue reading