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Odds R U.S.: Two Bets, One Winner

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

If you overhear this conversation – “Those hateful superpatriots, they are so jingoistic about the flag and the salute and the pledge and all that stuff” – the odds are, You’re hearing standard fare from the loose lips of liberals.

If you hear this conversation – “America is a force for peace and decency in the world” – the odds are, You’re hearing genuine voice of conservatives.

If you see flags and bunting in red-white-blue on a stage, odds are, It’s a republican event – or, if a democrat event, odds are the r-w-b was put there as a strategic decision to win over the middle-American vote. Odds are that on a republican stage, it’s just the way things are done for and by any ordinary, i.e. loyal American. Continue reading

Charlton Heston’s Spinning: Michael Moore’s Triumph

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Charlton Heston must be weeping in his grave, as he spins in rage, and disappointment. That is, if certain representations made to me by his onetime publicist are true. A sad announcement is the capstone of that lingering denouement of a ‘relationship’ with a colorful HWD player.

It began with Dennis Prager interviewing an author of a summer 2001 Psychology Today article on the ‘frustration’ of being surrounded by endless, tempting beauty! Imagine having so much eye-candy serving one’s I-candy ego, that you just can’t settle on which woman to seek and acquire! The article was based on serious research by esteemed psychology professors, and ‘authored’ by a man whose HWD life epitomized that research. Continue reading

Alive And Well In Other Garments: Ron Silver’s Lining

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Not everyone knew Ron Silver was sick. The death catches one by surprise, but not the accolades. From silly to sentimental, they range from Ben Stiller’s shallow memory of underage alcohol offering by Ron, to Lionel Chetwynd’s memorable phrase, noting that Silver was one of the few on the left who realized “the horrors of World War II were again alive and well in other garments.” Continue reading