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Tales of Henny Youngman

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

As Reagan campaigned for re-election, Leon Uris’ novelist pen gave us ‘The Haj” – a gift telling of Arab viciousness against Jews, Israel and their own brethren.  In its ‘Prelude’ set in 1922, we meet Ibrahim accepting his dying father’s symbolic jeweled dagger, a sign he must fight to become muktar: his village’s unchallenged leader. “They know the meaning of the dagger and the courage of the man who can drive it to the hilt,” notes the fading muktar.  As predicted, Ibrahim must challenge clan conspiracy after his father’s death, with a bold display of his courage and determination. Opponents convert to kissing his hand, declaring their loyalty. Continue reading

S.E.A.L.-ing OTO’s Fate: That’s One In A Row…

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Six weeks after one SEAL mission that commandeered a cargo ship just off Iranian waters, “on a Saturday afternoon, the second SEAL in charge of the group that had boarded the vessel sat and nursed his beer in a nondescript bar in San Diego. The platoon commander finished mowing his lawn. Later, he played soccer with his kids and cooked dinner on the barbecue for his wife. The platoon chief worked in his garage on his 1972 Vega. The petty officers studied for college degrees, practiced with their bands, worked out, or went surfing. If you saw any of them that night or the next morning, you wouldn’t know who they were or what they had done.”

Thus the preface in “Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALS” by Jeff Cannon and LCDR Jon Cannon – one a writer and advertising vet, the other a vet of commando command. And thus, good translation of combat lessons into the business world. Lessons which Obama the One – OTO – likely has never allowed to pollute his Harvard mind. Much as Clinton didn’t want a uniform of ROTC to contaminate his intellectual skin – thus his manipulation of the college ROTC detachment’s commander. Continue reading

Invasion of the Helen Snatchers: Helen Thomas, Pod-Journalist

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

The first of the pod-people to emerge in the latest science-fiction thriller presenting itself in the capital city is Helen Thomas, the aged and addled onetime dean of reporters to the White House. While her ‘podcast’ is unlike earlier output – when she amazed all conservatives for her outlandish challenges to Bush – it is reassuring to the very conservatives who once blanched when she stood to be recognized.

This fictional Helen Thomas has asked the new El Presidente the most outrageous questions, now causing many journalists to boo her in unison – something they never did for her bizarre Bush bashing – due to such irritating challenges as the following unbelievable, unreal utterances: Continue reading