Alive And Well In Other Garments: Ron Silver’s Lining

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Not everyone knew Ron Silver was sick. The death catches one by surprise, but not the accolades. From silly to sentimental, they range from Ben Stiller’s shallow memory of underage alcohol offering by Ron, to Lionel Chetwynd’s memorable phrase, noting that Silver was one of the few on the left who realized “the horrors of World War II were again alive and well in other garments.” Continue reading


She Can See Ninotchka From Her House: Sarah Palin Chronicles Continue

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

“Garbo laughs” was the tagline for “Ninotchka” during WW2, a comedy with a theme lampooning the commie capitol of Russia. And, soon that nation would be our ally, to defeat fascism. Intervening years have shown a remarkable lack of similar confrontation of the threats that befall us. This is as it was for Hollywood, and the liberals generally, from “Ninotchka” to present day. The twilight struggle against communism was hindered by sunshine patriots and summer soldiers of the left, many scoffing at “Ninotchka” and its themes.

Some can see, some cannot, others will not – thus the old saw, None Are So Blind As Those Who Will Not See. And so today, there are floods of Ninotchkas, yet to arrive at beaming Paris, the City of Lights and have their eyes opened to the truth. In this glorious film, a Russian agent meets errant errand boys at the train station, noting how the latest news has been: “The last mass trials were a success: there will be fewer, but better Russians.” Continue reading

Lynne Cheney, Prom Queen: Are Hollywood Conservatives Ready for Primetime Politics?

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

For the growing Hollywood Conservative movement, it’s useful to know how some of the ‘seeds’ of its genesis became planted. Lynne Cheney wrote a seething 1993 National Review essay about “Dave” being a betrayal of her expectations of Hollywood’s contractual terms with her. At that time, my response was limited in its reach, before the web made it a more friendly distribution model. Lynne’s complaint?

The film was based on her brief best-seller, “The Body Politic” for which Hollywood had bought the movie rights, leading her to believe it would reflect her novel’s original political/cultural point-of-view when it hit the big screen.

WRONGO! Continue reading

Tom Daschle & Richard Hatch: “Survivor” for the Goose…..?

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

“Survivor” winner Richard Hatch made a splash, as the first victor in that nearly eternal CBS franchise. Personal appearance fees added to his million dollar winnings for surviving to the end of that breakthrough program. Hatch has survived many tribal votes, as others were voted off the island, sent packing with their heads bowed and body bent from hunger and sleep deprivation and insect bites.

One tribal vote Hatch couldn’t avoid was that among the upper echelons of the squires of the tribe called the IRS. Hatch had not paid taxes on his winnings, nor for the appearances on various TV shows and public gatherings. Somehow, unlike any winner of a standard-issue TV game show, he’d not been informed to pay taxes on his winnings. He plead ignorance of the law, but to no avail. Hatch was convicted of federal charges of tax evasion. Continue reading

We Need a Two BALL Solution: GazaCity 2.5 Needs Zakat

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

“Hillary Clinton may be the last real man left in the democrat party” noted retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters in August of 2007. Unfortunately, substitute host Michelle Malkin wasn’t listening – checking her notecard for her next query – and it slipped past her, and the world. Subbing for O’Reilly, Malkin performed remarkably like many of the conservatives in the upper ranks – failure to communicate, even if the good thought being communicated wasn’t her personal creation.

Now, that last real man is secretary of state, and there is rising chori of calls for a two-state solution to the Gaza Strip violence. It grows out of decades of weeniedom among our liberal chums here and in Europe. Continue reading

Izzy Loves Denny: Conservative HWD’s Greatest Fears

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

Arguments are rising among concerned conservative artistes – some serious, considered, concerned arguments, aimed at those pending allies who may be Hollywood conservatives’ salvation. When a critical mass of talent, leadership and money form the long-sought ‘fire-triangle’ of combustion, there will be heat. And light. And Pain.

Much PAIN.

In my book – still aborning – dubbed “Right Turn on Sunset” a chapter is entitled, “Creative Differences Are Never Singular” – and is there never a truer truism to be found among my ‘allies’ in the ‘movement’ than that long-learned reality. Continue reading

FDR’s Higher Mathematics: Different Rules for Different Fools

finefrockaby Steve Finefrock, founder Hollywood Conservative Forum

“Justice Department attorneys and Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau refused to accept good intentions as an excuse from a target when it came to tax return accuracy,” notes Amity Shlaes in her revised history of the Great Depression and FDR’s claim to have cured it with his confiscatory policies. This came to mind one week last fall, of the rise of The People’s Republic of Wall Street – to cite a gleeful lefty analyst of the bailout, which then was predicted to possibly reach a trillion smackers of taxpayer money. Since then, it’s likely to exceed that figure.

As lefty economists and commentariatists harp that it’s again “like the Great Depression” and similar screeds, considering Amity’s revisiting that era is worthy of spreading to the general public. Harsh were the New Dealers then, and their associates today. Notably, most firmly, in view of the easy pass, with accompanying wet-kiss, for Treasury nominee Geithner. Consider a slightly fuzzy photocopy of a personal query letter from FDR to the IRS, as included in Amity’s examination, “The Forgotten Man”: Continue reading